Hydrema manufacture high technology earthmoving equipment, so you know that you are purchasing an asset for your business. These machines are easy to operate, provide great stability and are fuel efficient. Hydrequip’s experienced staff are happy to answer all enquiries of sales for the following machines. For more enquires please contact Hydrequip.


Hydrema MX16 RAIL

M1600C is specially designed and manufactured to run on railway tracks with its primary focus being on compactness, stability and flexibility.These three factors are crucial for its efficiency when working on the railway network.

The compact upper carriage enables work to be carried out on double-track railway lines without affecting other railway traffic on the parallel line.

The machine is very stable, in particular when working across the tracks thanks to its heavy counterweight.

Flexibility is achieved due to the fact that the rail wheels can be fitted and removed within a few moments, after which the machine is ready work off the tracks.

Hydrema MX20 RAIL

Specially designed compact excavator in the 20t class for railway work with focus on great stability, high performance and flexibility.

Key features

  • Highest hydraulic flow in its class
  • Powerful 167 hp Cummins Stage 4 engine with DOC and SCR catalyst
  • Most compact machine in the 20t class
  • Hydrema rail system with both low and high rail capability.

Hydrema 922F Dump Truck

The 922F series is a high quality product, has long service intervals and can be used almost everywhere. It has been developed and constructed to be used, every day, year after year. Easy use and the many possibilities for individual operator settings in the cab also makes it exceptionally suitable for rental.

A low unladen weight, the entirely unique articulated pivot joint, ’genuine’ bogie axles with an ample steering angle, as well as the market’s best power/weight ratio, gives the 922F Series unrivalled terrain manoeuvrability. Where other dump trucks have to give up, the 922F keeps going.

Hydrema 912 Series Dump Trucks

A unique combination of articulated center pivot, wide wheels and high ground clearance. Gives very high mobility.

The center pivot and hydraulic stabilizers keep the machine stable and safe by automatically transferring the weight to where it is needed. The chassis ensures that all wheels con­stantly track, and gives outstanding traction with minimum ground damage.

The pivot, increases manoeuvrability with a low turning radius and better positioning characteristics.

Hydrema 912ES Rail Dump Truck

The best features and performance from the compact dump truck turned into a rail machine.

Key features

  • 10 ton articulated dump truck
  • Factory mounted rail wheel system
  • MultiTip with 180o tipping range
  • Operational both on and off rail
  • Works in category 9B and 9C

Spares and Services

Hydrequip understands that your business relies on equipment that runs at peak  performance, so  you will find a service that is second to none, with a fully equipped workshop ready to handle repairs to not only Hydrema machines but also all makes and models of mini excavators and mobile plant. If you can’t come to us, hydrequip also offer onsite repairs with our fully equipped service trucks.

Hydrequip use quality spares for all repairs and the latest equipment such as the Hydrema specialised service diagnostic equipment to service your machine.

Hydrema is renowned for building top class machines which are available globally.

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